Search Engine Optimization is a big thing for online entrepreneurs. Nobody can thrive online unless they ensure the inclusion of this important element in the whole formula. Like everything else in the digital world, SEO trends are also dynamic. They’re always evolving. Thus, the appointed SEO specialist for every company should constantly be on the lookout for the most current and effective SEO strategies.

Trends in SEO | Ranking factors.
SEO trends for 2016.

Now that we have just started the year, it’s important to assess the impact of your SEO campaigns and ponder on what tactic you should focus on and what you should let go. There are basically 2 main things that will probably never lose their importance. First is the unceasing impact of expert content and second is the boundless effect of link building. If you have already started your SEO campaign, you may have already realized the significance of these two. If you still haven’t, then it’s high time for you to start recognizing their strength in your upcoming SEO campaigns.

The following are further points that every digital marketer and SEO enthusiast must know to propel their SEO efforts in 2016:

Penguin 4.0: The era of real time

Google’s last Penguin update was on October 17, 2014. According to Search Engine Land, we should expect the next Penguin update to be real-time. This means that as soon as Google discovers the links—good or bad—to your site, their algorithm will readily start analyzing those links real-time. Changes in ranking will then happen real-time as well.  This real time version is expected to bring drastic changes to the entire SEO arena. In fact, it has already started to roll out. Since the beginning of this month, many experts and tools have reported massive shake-ups—even bigger than the previous Google updates.

Mobile Apps & SEO: Time to index your apps

This 2016 marks the rise of mobile app’s popularity as an SEO factor. Last year, mobile search results have already started to outweigh those of desktop searches. In the view of boosting the users’ mobile experience, app indexing is increasingly becoming a big must. Your app’s landing page might already be indexed by Google, but you should ensure that your internal apps screens and your actual apps are in Google’s index too. Mobile SEO techniques are in for a big change these days. And you can’t afford to lag behind.

Speed: A new definition of speed

As previously stated by Google’s John Mueller, GoogleBot will support HTTP/2 early this year. Because of the tremendous speed boost it brings that enhances users’ browsing experience, this has already been seen as a potential ranking factor. Google’s goals are always geared towards enhancing the surfing experience of every user on the web. And, for sure, everybody would like the idea of a faster speed everywhere.

Structured Data Markup

This is already starting to surface as a must in 2016. is the fruit of the collaboration of the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex. This is established to give the information that search engines require to understand contents better and bring the most reliable search results possible. When you add Schema markup to your HTML, it could enhance how your page is displayed on search engine results pages. It enhances the rich snippets that are shown beneath your page title.

Technically speaking, structured data serves as a system to pair a name with a value which enables search engines to categorize and index different content. People have always been inquisitive if structured data really is instrumental in boosting rankings. There is basically no conclusive proof yet about its immediate efficiency. However, there are certain indications about its impact. The click-through rate (CTR) is apparently higher for those search results with more extensive rich snippets. If you want to maximize this new trend, feel free to experiment with the schema markup to see for yourself how the audience engages with well-structured rich snippets. With doing it right, you will improve your CTR and gain more clicks to the website.

Final Thoughts

Before us is once again a very interesting and exciting year. We don’t know exactly how this year’s SEO trend will pan out, but we do know that as long as we keep ourselves updated on the latest trends, we are sure to boost our chances of getting ahead of the curve.