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Local Tracking

Track rankings with precise accuracy in an area of your choice.

by city by zip code
by region by country

Search Volume

Get important statistical and Adwords data.

Search volume
Cost per Click (CPC)

Client Reports

Easily export your keyword data to a nice PDF or CSV reports.

PDF (simple and extended)
CSV / Excel

For all important search engines:

Supports Google rank tracking
Supports Youtube rank tracking
Supports Google Places (Maps) tracking
Supports Yahoo rank tracking
Supports Bing rank tracking

Get to know your local rankings in detail.

RankTrackr is the only tool with the ability to track any form of ranking.

Local 7-Pack

Track Google's image carousel

Image Carousel

Track Google's image carousel results

Local Map Results

Track Google's local map results

Organic Results

Track Google's organic rankings

Historical Overview

See historical rankings on a graph and rewind SERP results.

Report Scheduling

Set reports to be sent out at a specific time to you or your clients.

Email Reports

Receive daily, weekly or monthly rankings summaries via email.

Advanced Filtering

Filter your keywords to determine which are doing the most for your site.


Tweak viewing details to display information the way that works best for you.

Competitor Analysis

Track your competitors and see how they rank.

The most accurate rankings tracker by far.

We believe that accuracy is more important than having lots of useless features.

RankTrackr 98%
Accurank Tracker 86%
SEOMoz 79%
Positionly 83%
Authority Labs 75%
Rank Ranger 69%

RankTrackr retrieves data by a "10 results per page" per one request process instead of the traditional "100 results per page" process that's used by most rank trackers to save resources. Additionally, we use advanced approaches to access ranking data for local tracking. Read more ›

* In our study, we tracked 100 local and global keywords ranked from 1 to 100 position in a 4-week time span.

Everything your agency needs ...

White-label Support

Appear professional by rebranding interfaces and reports.

User Management

Enable your co-workers or clients to access the data.

Powerful API

Access and manage any ranking data using our REST API.

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Matej Bester Marketing Specialist
Popolna Postava
RankTrackr is the single most accurate and reliable rank tracking service I've used in my business in over 5 years. Now I can solely focus on SEO work and leave rank tracking on autopilot 24/7 without me not knowing where my websites rank at anytime.
Matthew Wood SEO Manager
Rapid SEO Agency
I've been always lookin for a tool, which would let me get to the relevant ranking data within a click of a second and wouldn't require me to navigate around interface to get to the important data. RankTrackr does exactly this and more, and its the most enjoyable tracking we've ever used.
John S. Britsios Semantic Search Consultant
SEO Workers
RankTrackr is the best SEO tracking tool I've ever used. It's simple but it does the work in the most effective and pleasant way imaginable, unlike other rank tracking tools that promise hundreds of features which most of them are not working as they should.